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  • “Journey’s End” Defining the Horrors of War

    “Journey’s End” Defining the Horrors of War0

    Breathtaking, yet not in scenery way, the movie Journey’s End takes you into the World War I trenches manned by the British who are facing off against the Germans. Expertly filmed, directed and acted, the movie gets down and dirty in the lousy conditions of the dugouts, officers’ quarters and the battlefield. There are scenes

  • Video Releases For March, April, May 2018

    Video Releases For March, April, May 20180

    Upcoming in the next few months are a very good selection of movies on video.  Genre’s include romance, children’s/family animation, horror, drama, comedy and action films on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD/Digital HD and 4K.  The releases are of titles that were  in theaters and TV series, VOD as well as direct to video.  The most notable are Star Wars: The Last


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